Definitive Guideline to Air Fryer Industry – Don’t Buy Until You Read It

Since my childhood, I’ve been eating fried foods like a vampire. I’m all into fried treats. I love anything that could be fried – chicken, fries, and even veggies.

Fan of fried treats from the childhood

My parents used to deliver those beautiful treats in my life. So, from childhood, I was a fan of fried chicken and fries. Do you know what’s interesting? Every little kid who loves eating is dreaming about being a chef and a cook.

My dream came true when I finally became a chef in a local restaurant, near my rent flat in New York. It was all about the young team and big dreams. From the start, we all wanted simple kitchen appliances that could deliver unforgettable pleasure with those dishes.

Appliances that could transform your kitchen skills

We all wanted devices that could deliver advantages while cooking. Benefits could be cooking time (faster), using less oil, fire, more delicious, etc. Well, everything started in 2016 when I joined Pinterest. By that time, we were just newbies in the restaurant business, so we wanted to get tons of information. I was consuming a lot of content from Pinterest and Tumblr, and you know what? The hype just became part of my life. By that time, I found that Pinterest users were huge fans of air fryers, and I was amazed at reviews. People loved air fryers, and it was just too good to be true.

When I first met with the new generation of appliances - Air Fryers

First, I saw a picture of air fryer on Pinterest. Got interested in this type of kitchen appliances and searched for YouTube reviews. I was amazed soon after finding the power of air fryers. For some time, I was a true skeptic and could not believe my ears or eyes. Everything that YouTube reviewers were saying was too good to be true.

What’s air fryer? – My honest confession

My entirely correct and want to tell you that air fryer is indeed the most useful kitchen appliance. What does it have so powerful and different? Air fryers circulate hot air (and little oil in some cases) to fry the food.

Some models come with two or even five-liter capacity and price different from $50 to $500. Keep in mind that hot air in the air fryer is circulating in a way that you can make perfect food. Most importantly, you can clean it so easy, and “kitchen work” becomes better.

Why should you trust my opinion?

First of all, I’m a Chef at a big restaurant. I’m addicted to food and cooking from childhood and its thing I get joy. So, I’ve tested many kitchen appliances, which means I have tried and got results from different products. Because of my work at the Restaurant, we have also replaced many devices with better ones. I’m always looking on top of market products because we need to stay fresh at Restaurant. Otherwise, we will lose.

So, we have tried almost everything that is displayed on kitchen appliances market. I understand, the market is vast, but I’ll share with your honest opinions. You will see how deep I’ll go while reviewing and writing a conclusion on each appliance period.

What you should know about Air fryer before buying it

Have you heard about convection ovens? Or maybe you have heard about toaster ovens? Well, I should admit that Air Fryers have the same technology and systems. The term itself could be a little different from what you may get as an outcome. Keep in mind that Air Fryers bake food in a perfect form. It does not fry (although the term includes the word “fry”).

Let me clarify a few things. First of all, Air Fryers can replicate the excellent texture, and secondly, you get the same flavor of fried food. So, you won’t see any difference with touch or taste of cooked food

Price (So, the capacity) differs a lot with each brand

Price varies with each brand. Cheapest Air Fryers start from $50, and expensive one will go up to $500. Everything depends on capacity. For example, the cheapest ones are not able to cook some food. And Most of them don’t have a system to make perfect texture or flavor.

Capacity is essential when it comes to better results. For example, in some cases, you may fill the basket, and the effect will be wrong. Why? The answer is simple when the bucket is full, and it blocks hot air from reaching the food. So, if you have a bigger basket (capacity), you may put any size food for cooking, and there won’t be a problem.

Why I’m recommending Air Fryers?

There was a hype about Air Fryers in 2014. Soon, I started testing Air Fryers from different companies. I’ve tested up to 20 brands and chose a suitable one for my Restaurant. Before we head straight to reviewing each and one of them, I’m going to give you simple tips.